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We've been in the industry since 1998 plus another 7 years working in a Company that bought Promotional products as gifts, incentives and Company uniforms, so we have a good knowledge of what and how Promotional products work. 


Branded clothing is the most known Promotional Product but the range is endless.  From selecting existing products or creating your own this is a great way to keep your name in front of you customers.  If it is something practical even better you know that every time it is used you are reminding your customer of your Company your service.





NEW FADS - Everyone has heard of the "Spinner" and as I have become addicted to using one - better than a stress ball- I can well recommend these  as a fund raiser, gift with purchase, Conference giveaway, sports events or anything you want.  Great colour range and good branding area.

SPORTS TOWEL - Ideal for Golf, Sailing, Ball Sports even down on the beach.

...Sports cooling towel which will cool up to 15 Degrees below the outdoor temperature in seconds when wet.  Simply wet, wring out and snap tight to remove the excess water.  Cooling will last as long as the towel remains wet and it is a natural chemical free reaction.













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